If you are in a dysfunctional ASD/NT (NeuroDivergent) relationship...

...and want to improve your communication and save your sanity, I may have something that could help…

Let me explain…

I spent a lifetime as a NeuroTypical living with ASDs or NeuroDiverse people…

My mother, my spouse and my daughter.

As a psychologist I felt like a failure because I couldn’t figure out how to help my family.

I read books, sought out therapists (great therapists, but ones that didn’t fully understand how to help for this specific issue), and attended conferences searching for a healthy path, but nothing worked…

and all the while the chaos and suffering in my family increased.

I was swamped by health complaints, financial problems, and legal matters….

Until I began to look at all these extremely stressful challenges in a new way.

I discovered my own path to sanity, serenity, and productivity…

And in the intervening 20+ years, I’ve made it my life mission to help others find this healing path too.

I’ve expanded my knowledge and skill base to the point that I am sought by clients from around the world to bring my fresh approach to these very tough relationships.

I’ve lectured, written 5 books, led online groups and worked with hundreds of individuals and couples in my private practice.

And now I have distilled the essence of my tried and proven process into a short, informative and even at times entertaining course that is as close as it gets to sitting in my office and having a 1 on 1 conversation.

In this course I share insights, tips, and tools

that have helped so many of my clients who are wrestling with the complexities of NeuroDivergent Relationships.

What I have learned over the years, is that not everybody has the time to read a book, attend a workshop, or stop by my office and glean the wealth of knowledge, experience, and practical advice that has helped so many others begin to change their lives in a positive way. 

That’s why I decided to sit down and video record everything I know for this course. 

This is the most clear, up-to-date, and easy to digest version of what I know that has helped so many others on their return to a stronger, healthier, more sane life.

I encourage you to sign up now to be among the first people I share this course with.

You’ll learn:

    How to change the way you communicate to achieve greater harmony

    How to avoid the verbal abuse, micro hits, and gaslighting

    How to cope with meltdowns

    How to survive burnout

    How to apply simple steps on this path to a more fulfilling life.

And because this course is step-by-step you’ll be able to learn on your own schedule and pace that is just right for you.

Dr. Kathy Marshack, Ph.D.

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What others are saying about Dr. Kathy's courses

“Initially went through the course rather quickly. I was eating it up and thrilled to be learning and understanding and making sense of my life. I loved it and was sad when I finished. . . I'm excited now that my husband has agreed to watch the videos together. . . I am grateful to have found you and this is a great starting point for both of us to start to understand and hopefully improve.”


“So crazy! This explains a lot [regarding one of Dr. Marshack’s blogs]. . . I believe I’m on the high functioning end of aspergers. Only a few people close to me agree/ most people don’t see how I really am. . . There’s not a ton of info regarding high functioning neuro diverse areas people & I went to a therapist to have her see if I was on the spectrum & I’m so good at appearing neuro typical in short spurts & certain situations/ she dismissed me & said I just have anxiety & depression. . . When I first read about aspergers a few years ago- it felt like things about me finally made sense & I didn’t feel so bad about myself. Just would be nice to have an expert tell me I am neuro diverse. . .Thank you for this article.”


“More than you know. Just in time. I can’t afford counseling, because of a spectrum marriage and the infinite problems it causes, financial and otherwise. . . . I’m looking forward to this course. Again thank you.”


“Your videos were sent to me by a friend on Monday and I’ve already now found language for what I’ve been struggling to describe. Thank you!!!!”


“I cannot over-emphasize what a life saver discovering Kathy has been. Reading one of her blogs for the first time was literally a jaw-dropping event for me when my painful, lonely life within a busy family made sense for the first time.”


“Thank you Dr. Kathy for taking the time to put this together as I have no doubt it will benefit thousands of struggling AS/NT couples. Thank you.”


“You've really defined the situation I have with my husband of 30 years. This statement said it all: "NTs are interactional, meaning that their communication style is to connect with the other person, person to person — before they discuss a topic. While Autists are transactional, meaning that they listen for the words or topic first, not necessarily to the context of the person who is speaking.”


“My copy of your Parenting book is riddled with highlighted sections which completely mirror my life.”


“When my adult aspie son, or whatever the "correct" term is, bought me your book numerous years back, I was just, YES! I knew it was many times the "professionals" or others in my life, that didn't get it!”


“Course is excellent!! My AS asks to listen to the next module where we left off! I don’t have to remind him!! He seems to like it and find it helpful!!”


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